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The BD releases of Asobi ni Ikuyo came with a bonus OVA episode which, to my delight, turned out to be packed with catgirl nudity! Throughout the episode, the entire female cast (including the lolis, thankfully) play a series of games in which the loser has to strip their clothing. Things start off nicely with strip mahjong, escalate in a bout of strip poker, before Kio blows them all away in a game of rock-paper-scissors!

Lenfried is an incredibly sexy cosplay idol who releases several image-set CDROMS at every comiket! There are a number of other cosplayers who do the same thing, but I think Lenfried is probably the hottest have seen, not just because of her physical attractiveness but because of the moe fetishism she incorporates into her shoots.

This is one of those image sets, released at Comiket 79! The focus character is Pangya from a fantasy golf game! This release includes some really hot costumes and poses: bloomers, shimapan, sukumizu with a blindfold. The images are made really hot by how close she gets to fully exposing herself, if you know what I mean! I think it was ever since this comiket that she has incorporated peeing into her releases, which I find very sexy! In this set she pees herself 3 times! But if you don’t like that, 95% of her images don’t include it (or more than 95%)! I think this gives her an edge over her competition because others wouldn’t do it!

This is probably my favourite set of hers, but I’m going to post others every so often!

Here is a gallery of some highlights, and there is a link to the full download here (~400 images)


While the anime adaptation of R-15 has been getting bad reviews and has become known for its intrusive censorship, there is hope yet for the game release: R-15 Portable (for all those ecchi fans who need fanservice on-the-go!). Different stores are offering bonus goods for customers purchasing the game. below is a gallery of posters offered by different stores:

These illustrations are hard to resist! I gotta give them credit for giving each one some loli appeal~. My favourites would have to be Softmap, for the nekomimi, pink pantsu and that pose! (*´Д`)ハァハァ