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The BD releases of Asobi ni Ikuyo came with a bonus OVA episode which, to my delight, turned out to be packed with catgirl nudity! Throughout the episode, the entire female cast (including the lolis, thankfully) play a series of games in which the loser has to strip their clothing. Things start off nicely with strip mahjong, escalate in a bout of strip poker, before Kio blows them all away in a game of rock-paper-scissors!

The first season of Strike Witches offered some tantalizing visuals of its cute, young female cast every episode! Most of the time, pantsu and swimsuits was the order of the day, but the 7th episode upped the ante by showing off some great nopan service!

The scene is set with Erica, who wakes to discover she can’t find her underwear!

Nice and breezy!

While the others are bathing, she sneakily obtains Luccini’s shimapan.

Luccini comes out of the bath first to find hers missing – and decides to pinches Yoshika’s! Perrine, on the other hand, tries to go nopan, but finds it too embarrassing.

Her next idea is to use her beloved Mio’s sukumizu!

Later, they try to resolve the situation, and when Luccini’s thievery is revealed, they give chase!

Luccini also meddles with Sanya and Eila, as Eila!

When the alarm is (falsely) sounded, Yoshika and Perrine face the prospect of going into battle without their pantsu

Luccini’s punishment is our reward! Loli butt!

Meanwhile, Erica flaunts her stolen shimapan!


The fall season of 2011 brings us a new (and final) season of the long-time favourite, Shakugan no Shana! The opening episode took a short time-out to remind us all of the truth behind the common expression: OH GOD SHANA IS HOT! It would be lovely to see more fanservice of Shana in episodes to come! I can’t get enough of her loli charms!

Shana's chest is just as smooth as ever! A fine loli specimen.


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If you like Shana, you might like to see her nipples..


A compilation of all the great nopan antics thrown our way by the anime, Astarotte no Omocha!

Nopan Dropkick

Asuha’s intro into the series is marked by a well-place kick to the face of Judit (playing the innocent bystander for a change)! Luckily she makes up for it with a well-placed loli-groin to the face! Asuha’s love of going bare is already revealed!

“Be sure to wear your panties!
I’ve got them in my bag!


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The first Blu-ay of Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai came with a special OVA episode that featured an onsen trip with all the girls! I have to say, it lived up to the narrator’s promise of going all-out! Other than the obligatory nudity, and spontaneous skinship, there was also some bukake gags, and some very borderline nudity of the lower half! Have a look at this one if you don’t believe me! There was also a short but sweet shot of DFC nudity! And, as usual, plenty of detailed panty-shots and erotic dialogue.

Kodomo no Jikan is starting to get really intense again, and even more risqué than ever! If you have been following it lately, you’ll know that Aoki confessed his love to Rin a few chapters ago! Since then he’s been avoiding her and grappling with the concept that he may actually me a lolicon! In any case, he knows he is actually in love with her. This chapter they meet again and when a sudden downpour soaks Rin she ricks him into going to a love hotel to dry off. Things get a little intimate before the cops ruin the party! Rin was so sexy this chapter!