Welcome to the first Hall of Fame page! These pages will be springing up on erosource in the coming weeks, each with a different theme/focus. These pages will then be regularly updated with new posts to build up a fearsome collection of ero!

This hall of fame is dedicated to those daring anime girls who’ve revealed to us fanboys their breasts, in all their glory! Some manga is also included, but only where it features the tits of an anime character that we weren’t able to see in the animated version!!

Just to get the ball rolling, I’ve started with one entry! I’ll update this daily for a while so you get a feel for how this works! Please feel free to comment with suggestions as to who is worthy to join this hall of fame!

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Redline is an awesome anime film from Takeshi Koike and madhouse. It’s most notable for its electrifying racing sequences with high-octane animation and a crazy sense of style. However, there were some glimmers of service! I’m glad we got to see Sonoshee’s tits!