While the anime adaptation of R-15 has been getting bad reviews and has become known for its intrusive censorship, there is hope yet for the game release: R-15 Portable (for all those ecchi fans who need fanservice on-the-go!). Different stores are offering bonus goods for customers purchasing the game. below is a gallery of posters offered by different stores:

These illustrations are hard to resist! I gotta give them credit for giving each one some loli appeal~. My favourites would have to be Softmap, for the nekomimi, pink pantsu and that pose! (*´Д`)ハァハァ

R-15 is an upcoming anime series based on a light novel about a student who’s secretly a published pornographic writer and who enrols in an elite school for geniuses. Naturally, he’ll have to keep his talents hidden..

This official image was released recently in an anime mag. I wasn’t exactly excited about this anime, but now I see the light! That is the power of pantsu! Not only are the panties lovely, but the girls seem high-tier moe as well.

If I have to pick one of the four, I’d go second from the right! Pink Shimapan are where it’s at!