Mahou Sensei Negima is the story of a prodigous boy magician whose graduation assignment was inexplicable to become a teacher in Japan! Fortunately for thim, and for us readers, this is a manga, so his school is packed to the brim with cute and sexy young girls who, despite his shota age of 10, quickly fall into his harem! The manga later diverges into a much greater focus on action and plot, but Negima’s humble beginnings are rife with unforgettable fanservice and moe girls! This is Ken Akamatsu at his best!

This ero snapshot goes all the way back to the beginning – the first chapter! When I saw this scene I knew I had to keep reading this manga! Negi arrives at the school where he is to be a teacher, and he runs into one particular student that morning, Asuna. Asuna takes a dislike to him because he says he senses a failed love aura from her! We then find out that the one that Asuna has a crush on is her older teacher, Takahata-sensei! ~oho I love student teacher romance themes! But when Takahata comes down to greet them, Negi sneezes and magically tears away Asuna’s clothing, revealing her childish underwear right in front of the man she’s in love with! It’s an awesome embarassing situation, and it highlights Asuna’s immaturity (which is fair enough cause I think she’s still only 14…).

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Source: Mahou Sensei Negima!: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai 02
Girl: Hasegawa Chisame

In the latest Negima OVA series, we join Negi and his bishoujou crew as they venture into the magical world in search of Negi’s Father. However, just as they arrive at the magic world’s gateport, they are atttacked by a familiar and deadly foe, Fate Averuncus, who destroys the gateport and breaks the group apart, transporting them to far corners of the world. Chisame finds herself alone with no way of finding any of her friends. Welcome to the jungle! Unfortunately the first thing she does meet is an amrous tentacle monster!

This is one of my favourite tentacle rape scenes from an anime (that isn’t a hentai), because it’s done so well and Chisame is a really cute character! It’s perfect because she’s usually such a stubborn girl who resists the situations that the other girls get binto, which means fanservice of her is rare. This time, she has no choice! And at least Negi shows up before the tentacles do any damage (other than to her clothes). The striped kneesocks make this that much better!

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