Mai HiME

Source: Mai HiME 04
Girls: Natsuki Kuga

Mai HiME is a 2004 TV-anime from Sunrise, featuring a large and memorable cast of anime girls with the ability to use magical weapons and summon guardian beats. It’s a subtle blend of mecha and magical girl genres wich focuses on the comedic and romantic highschool life of the girls for much of its length, before hitting an unforgettable melodramatic run in the final arc. This series has a lot of memories for me, both from the fun parts and the darker parts!

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of fanservice to be found in this series (or hardly any you could say). There was a big discrepancy between the original preview for this anime, which featured an onslaught of panty-shots and wet T-shirts, to how the anime actually turned out. But there was at least one episode that delivered a bit of an ecchi tone, episode 4! The premise of this episode was that a particular strain of the mischievous creatures the girls must fight, orphans, go into an under-wear stealing spree on the school. This results in Natsuki having to traverse the school in her usual short skirt, minus panties! Thanks to a divine wind, we get a great moment (even if it still leaves lots to imagination).

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