Kodomo no Jikan

Kodomo no Jikan is starting to get really intense again, and even more risqué than ever! If you have been following it lately, you’ll know that Aoki confessed his love to Rin a few chapters ago! Since then he’s been avoiding her and grappling with the concept that he may actually me a lolicon! In any case, he knows he is actually in love with her. This chapter they meet again and when a sudden downpour soaks Rin she ricks him into going to a love hotel to dry off. Things get a little intimate before the cops ruin the party! Rin was so sexy this chapter!

Kodomo no Jikan is a long-running manga and anime series by Watashiya Kaworu and published in Comic High! It’s about a teacher just starting his career who winds up with a naughty troublemaker in his 3rd-grade elementary class, Kokonoe Rin. Rin, and her friends, are highly precocious, and she teases and intimidates her teacher with sexual innuendo and come-ons. As the story progresses, both Rin and her teacher, Aoki forge a strong emotional connection. It’s a really great lolicon love story unfolding! There’s lots of really nice fanservice spread around for fans of loli, but there’s also great characterisation and several genuine love-stories that will leave you hooked.

After a couple of really funny chapters about the teachers and students posting in an “underground” online BBS site for the school, it seems the manga is back to its usual style, with the sexual and romantic tension between Rin and Aoki starting to heat up again. Aoki is really starting to think of Rin in a dangerous fashion, and Rin herself has matured to the point where she’s not neccesarily just being a silly, precocious kid any more. Of course, I’m excited to see how this forbidden love can end! This chapter ends with a confession that may be a tipping point in the story.

But in the mean time, this chapter also offers a great dose of ecchi. It’s been a while, but Kuro and Rin’s flat and near-flat chests are on full-display, combined with the fanservice appeal of school swimsuits! I love that KnJ includes nipples now. I remember it didn’t when it first started.

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