Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha is a new original anime by fledgling studio P.A Works, which follows the life of the 16 year-old Ohana, who is moved from an awkward life in Tokyo with her dubious parents to working at her grandmother’s rural onsen inn. There, she has many challenges ahead trying to make friends with the staff and embrace her new life. This isn’t a fanservice anime, but the supreme cuteness of Ohana is impossible to resist, and it has some moments of fanservice.

This episode sees Ohana trying to use the power of cosplay to reverse the fate of the musty and increasingly unsuccessful inn! As we all know, cosplay can triumph over any adversity, and after the erotic appeal of China-dresses proves unsafe for family viewing, she finally woes customers with old-world costume charm~. Scroll down to be blown away by Ohana’s lovelyness. I also like how Ohana was totally on board for the idea of cosplay, even if it was a bit ecchi. But I would have cried tears of joy if she had cosplayed in a schoiol swimsuit, which was one of the original options.

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Episode 3 of the brand new anime, Hanasaku Iroha took an unexpected turn, with the beautiful Ohana being taken captive by a desperate and deluded author of erotic novels. After she discovered the truth behind his career, he felt he had to cover it up by tieing up poor Ohana in his hotel room. And if you’re gonna tie up a cute girl, you may as well do it properly, right? Turoise-shell bondage is the way to go!

The adorable Ohana starts to look quite sexy in this situation. Amazingly she forgave the author for this incident!! As a bondage fan, this is surely a contendor for one of the best scenes of the year! The form of the rope brings out the eroticness of Ohana!

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