Dog Days

Dog Days Nopan

Presenting evidence that Yukikaze Panettone from Dog Days goes nopan. That's her and Asuna as nopan girls this season!


Homu-homu AV

Homu-homu is getting a cosplay AV! She should be proud. It actually looks pretty decent, too!


Perverts in Crime

Love this fanart.


Yumekui Merry Uncensorship?

Seems like the BD version of Yumekui Merry has replaced bloomers with panties. This sits well with me (although bloomers are fine too!)


Biri-biri’s Chest Growth

I'm not actually too sure how this works except that the rows correspond to months of last year. Anyway, it's a good excuse to look closely at Biribiri's chest! It seems like there's a big jump in the last row. My favourite size for Biri-biri is probably 9/0x. I hope she doesn't grow any more!


Hidan no Aria Pantsu

Magazine spread for Hidan no Aria. It's okay for the promotional artwork to feature pantsu but not the anime? How lame.

Or is it just Aria herself who gets censored by nefarious solar flares? Rika gets away with it :"

Dog Days is a new original anime from the creator of Nanoha which features a fanatstical world inhabited by animal-eared people and a unique system of warfare, which frames battles between kingdoms as popular competitions. An athletic high-school boy is pulled into this world in order to fight for one of the kingdoms as their hero.

This episode was really enjoyable, although it didn’t have much fanservice of the ecchi variety. Instead it packed a heart-stopping moe punch, most of which came from the pink-haired princess, Millhiore (voiced by the angelic Horie Yui)!. She is a sweet, heartwarming kind of girl. She’s kind, beautiful and just a little niave. Highlights of this episode include her performing a concert, and a romantic moment with the hero on route.

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