Lenfried is an incredibly sexy cosplay idol who releases several image-set CDROMS at every comiket! There are a number of other cosplayers who do the same thing, but I think Lenfried is probably the hottest have seen, not just because of her physical attractiveness but because of the moe fetishism she incorporates into her shoots.

This is one of those image sets, released at Comiket 79! The focus character is Pangya from a fantasy golf game! This release includes some really hot costumes and poses: bloomers, shimapan, sukumizu with a blindfold. The images are made really hot by how close she gets to fully exposing herself, if you know what I mean! I think it was ever since this comiket that she has incorporated peeing into her releases, which I find very sexy! In this set she pees herself 3 times! But if you don’t like that, 95% of her images don’t include it (or more than 95%)! I think this gives her an edge over her competition because others wouldn’t do it!

This is probably my favourite set of hers, but I’m going to post others every so often!

Here is a gallery of some highlights, and there is a link to the full download here (~400 images)


Another sexy R-15 cosplay CD-ROM release for comiket 80! The cosplayer is Tenshimyu, the circle is Suga Myuku and the theme is Touhou Project! Some nice preview pictures are below. It’s a shame they aren’t bigger! Perhaps not as racey as Lenfried, but this girl is still pretty fappable!

330 images, for 1500 yen.


Lenfried is one of the most attractive, daring and prolific cosplayers around at the moment, having produced dozens of high-quality image-sets with her circle Heruheru3 for release at comiket (comic market). She’s cosplayed a whole variety of characters and the tone is almost always quite erotic. She always pushes up against the boundary of being pornographic, cleverly avoiding revealing anything important. It’s actually hotter than if she did 18+ cosplay! She also covers all kinds of moe costumes, like bloomers, sukumizu, maid outfits, nekomimi, et cetera. In most of her recent release she’s also incorporated some peeing in her photosets, to add that extra ero ingredient! You can see a bit of that in the samples below, I think.

This summer she’s putting out a total of 3 CD-ROM image sets:

NMB48 Gravure Swimsuit Photoshoot

According to Osakapop,

NMB48, named after the Namba entertainment district of Osaka, debuted late last year to become the fourth all-girl theatre idol group to be produced by Yasushi Akimoto, after sister groups AKB48, SKE48 and SDN48. The idea behind these groups is the “idol that you can actually meet” concept, so NMB48 will be performing regular shows at their home theatre in Namba. Currently, NMB48 is 25 members strong and Team N has officially been formed and has started performing at the NMB48 theatre.

I hadn’t even heard of NMB48 until now! It’s amazing how many stunning girls Yasushi Akimoto can pull together. Hopefully this group does some awesome stuff when they release singles!

EX-AKB48 Member AV

'Mayuyu' from AKB48 has moved on to doing AVs! This one actually looks really good, and she's such a cute girl! Not a bad deal for only 3000 yen!

Maybe they should just make an AV48 group?

Utsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Image

Promotional image for upcoming anime, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi features a nice panty-shot! Hope to see more from the anime~

Official Nagi Panty-shot

This lovely artwork came with the new volume!

Astarotte no Omocha uncensorship

THey're working on uncensoring the BD version of Astarotte no Omocha, but this is the only preview we've got so far. It's a little underwhelming? Maybe it's just a bad example.

Toranoana Naked Apron

The famous store, Tora no Ana has a Hoshizora cardboard cut-out set up in-store.

And it's a naked-apron!!

Kuroneko Poster

Kuroneko bath poster comes with the next issue of Dengeki G's magazine. Hot!

Katja (Seikon no Qwaser) Hug PIllow

Katja-sama hug-pillow announced! I'd hit it HARD

SDN48 (short for Saturday Night 48) is a Japanese idol girl group, created and produced by Yasushi Akimoto. SDN48 was created based on an “adult idol” concept. Former AKB48 member Kayo Noro was chosen as the captain of the group. In November 2010, the group made their major label debut with “Gagaga”.

I’ll freely admit I’m not the biggest fan of idol groups and jpop in general, but lately releases from girl groups like AKB48 and SDN48 have started to sway me. This is SDN48’s second major single, called “Ai, Juseyo”, which reached no.3 in the charts in Japan. The song is pretty catchy and easy on the ears, but the best thing is probably the PV, which features some really sexy moments. It’s good enough to turn on a 2D-extremist like me! If you start watching the video and are disappointed, believe me: Just wait for it!

Luckily, I managed to rip the HD video off youtube (literally the night before it got taken down), so I’ve uploaded a more permanent alternative!