Ero Snapshot: Seikon no Qwaser 14 – Rise and Fall of Kamen Lily!

Seikon no Qwaser is a popular ero anime from 2010. It’s known for it’s approach to magic, which involves warriors sucking breast milk from young girls to obtain their powers. Other than a breast-sucking fetish, it offers an array of dangerous themes and ecchi content to satisfy a wide spectrum of perverts! It’s in that class of erotic anime which, while not technically 18+, are borderline hentai. Season 2 more than lives up to its predecessor, giving us an overdose of ero every week!

Not as extreme as other episodes in the fanservice department, but this episode was actually pretty funny with some good gags. I once again that I drool to the sight of Hana in that revealing Neko getup! I love how you can always hear the bell too! Katja’s training was amusing, and it was just good silly fun.

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