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Welcome to the first Hall of Fame page! These pages will be springing up on erosource in the coming weeks, each with a different theme/focus. These pages will then be regularly updated with new posts to build up a fearsome collection of ero!

This hall of fame is dedicated to those daring anime girls who’ve revealed to us fanboys their breasts, in all their glory! Some manga is also included, but only where it features the tits of an anime character that we weren’t able to see in the animated version!!

Just to get the ball rolling, I’ve started with one entry! I’ll update this daily for a while so you get a feel for how this works! Please feel free to comment with suggestions as to who is worthy to join this hall of fame!

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After dropping the TV-anime due to the cockblocking censorship, I’ve finally got a look at the untampered version of Softenni. And I like what I see! The panty-shots in this anime are great, and it’s good that the fanservice isn’t too over the top but it’s intermittently quite perverse! Asuna’s fantasies are surprisingly erotic, given her age!

Redline is an awesome anime film from Takeshi Koike and madhouse. It’s most notable for its electrifying racing sequences with high-octane animation and a crazy sense of style. However, there were some glimmers of service! I’m glad we got to see Sonoshee’s tits!

Seikon no Qwaser is a popular ero anime from 2010. It’s known for it’s approach to magic, which involves warriors sucking breast milk from young girls to obtain their powers. Other than a breast-sucking fetish, it offers an array of dangerous themes and ecchi content to satisfy a wide spectrum of perverts! It’s in that class of erotic anime which, while not technically 18+, are borderline hentai. Season 2 more than lives up to its predecessor, giving us an overdose of ero every week!

This episode was really good! Although it was actually quite heavily plot related and there was a pretty large battle involved, they incorporated some really sexy ideas and scenes in the episode – and the ecchi content was something a little different for Qwaser! There was some cute cospplay scenes – even from the little-girl-ified Sasha, But the best part was the yuri stripping scene that followed~ It was a real shame that that was interrupted!

Lenfried is an incredibly sexy cosplay idol who releases several image-set CDROMS at every comiket! There are a number of other cosplayers who do the same thing, but I think Lenfried is probably the hottest have seen, not just because of her physical attractiveness but because of the moe fetishism she incorporates into her shoots.

This is one of those image sets, released at Comiket 79! The focus character is Pangya from a fantasy golf game! This release includes some really hot costumes and poses: bloomers, shimapan, sukumizu with a blindfold. The images are made really hot by how close she gets to fully exposing herself, if you know what I mean! I think it was ever since this comiket that she has incorporated peeing into her releases, which I find very sexy! In this set she pees herself 3 times! But if you don’t like that, 95% of her images don’t include it (or more than 95%)! I think this gives her an edge over her competition because others wouldn’t do it!

This is probably my favourite set of hers, but I’m going to post others every so often!

Here is a gallery of some highlights, and there is a link to the full download here (~400 images)

Kodomo no Jikan is starting to get really intense again, and even more risqué than ever! If you have been following it lately, you’ll know that Aoki confessed his love to Rin a few chapters ago! Since then he’s been avoiding her and grappling with the concept that he may actually me a lolicon! In any case, he knows he is actually in love with her. This chapter they meet again and when a sudden downpour soaks Rin she ricks him into going to a love hotel to dry off. Things get a little intimate before the cops ruin the party! Rin was so sexy this chapter!