Monthly Archives: June 2011

Seikon no Qwaser is a popular ero anime from 2010. It’s known for it’s approach to magic, which involves warriors sucking breast milk from young girls to obtain their powers. Other than a breast-sucking fetish, it offers an array of dangerous themes and ecchi content to satisfy a wide spectrum of perverts! It’s in that class of erotic anime which, while not technically 18+, are borderline hentai. Season 2 more than lives up to its predecessor, giving us an overdose of ero every week!

This episode wasn’t so exciting overall, but it did have one eye-opening part: Katja and Hana’s S&M Play! This time it was an especially hardcore event because it has been quite a while since their last encounter, and because Hana stepped out of line and licked Katja’s face out of desperate desire. These scenes are also awesome because we get some rare glimpses of actual Katja fanservice!

Anyway, Hana gets a satisfying night of being whipped by her loli overlord! I’m loving this second season so far!

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