Astarotte no Omocha 07:

Astarotte no Omocha is the story of a 10-year-old succubis who needs to get a male harem and drink semen! Of course the anime doesn’t feature any semen-drinking because the loli in question is an adorable tsundere type, voiced by Kugumiya Rie. But it does have some lovely fanservice, as well as endearing characters and family drama.

This was a really funny episode! Rotte was being utterly adorable at the beginning, stubbornly refusing to listen to Naoya’s pleas to come home. I was a little disappointed that Naoya got to see her panties when she was leaning out the window AND WE DIDN’T! We’ve seen them many times before, why not now? Maybe something for the BD. But my disappointment eventually vanished when Rotte went into full loli mode and peed herself after being frightened to death in the haunted house. After seeing her so stubborn and proud, it was amazingly cute seeing her ashamed and embarassed side, even more so when she admitted she stilll pees the bed! But Naoya, to his credit, handled with with utter chivalry, even giving her a spare pair of panties (which he carries around on account of his daughter’s nopan habits!). I think these two grew closer~

Overall this episode really served to highlight Rotte’s childishness, which makes her all the more moe!

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